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El Soadaa Group rapidly became a pioneer in the construction industry in Egypt, known for its remarkable quality and fast paced projects, making it one of the key organizations in the field. 

Further adding to our expertise and proficiency, we have become a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building, obtaining a title among the first category companies in the sector.

From the inception of our projects, maintaining a high level of quality has consistently been a key focus for us. We place great emphasis on ensuring that each stage of our projects is delivered to the highest standard.

We also acknowledge the importance of technology as a main pillar to driving an advanced and efficient business.

Consequently, we are constantly up to date with the latest technological advancements that could enhance our day to day business practices, thus, enabling us to expand our operations efficiently, giving us an edge in the market.

Our ongoing commitment to quality, expertise and utilization of modern technology enabled us to establish a trusted name in Egypt, which has well positioned and prepared us to continue our success into the future by entering new foreign markets.

We specialize in various construction areas such as: bridges, roads, constructional buildings, railway works, fabricated steel structure, pedestrian bridges and infrastructure projects.

Over the years we have established several subsidiaries that go hand in hand and are well integrated within our business practices. These subsidiaries include: El Soadaa Ready Mix, El Soadaa Steel Structure, El Soadaa Foundations and Swoodx, a wood works company. Additionally, we have recently established our first foreign and overseas subsidiary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, being, El Soadaa Arabian for Contracting.

El Soadaa Group

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